Switch –
Re-brand of a landing page for a resume-building website.

Concept: Bring energy & positivity to resume-building

I was inspired by the company name, Switch. I was thinking about the act of switching on a light – how energy is created and how it flows to create light. Almost like how this re-brand aims to bring energy and life to resume-building. Other resume-building sites can be monotone and impersonal. Four brand values I chose for this concept are dynamic, surge, energy & positivity.

The design choices were selected to make resume-building a positive experience and stand out from the competition.

The accent colors of this concept are yellow & green to convey energy, partenered with a lot of white and black. The bold contrast of colors is to give that feeling of a surge of energy when switching on a light.

For the graphic elements, I was inspired by switch boards and its lines/grids.