Simplecast –

Visual aesthetic for Simplecast was designed to be bold and clean. There is a strategic use of typography. We didn’t want to design a product & marketing page that looked like another SAAS platform. The designs were created to complement the powerful features of the product while reflecting the distinct personalities of the creators. From the independent podcast creators to the big brands, the design was created to be accessible to both. The product is currently used by Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Nike, Techcrunch, Harper’s Bazaar & more.

Head of Design: Ryan Essmaker
Designer: Ari Villegas
Consultant: Frank Chimero

Simplecast is the modern independent podcast hosting and analytics platform. It’s the easiest way for podcasters to publish audio to the world. Simplecast has been providing podcasters with industry-leading publishing, distribution, analytics, and sharing tools for nearly 6 years. Simplecast exists for the podcaster, giving shows of all shapes and sizes access to the same tools powering shows from some of the world's biggest brands.